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Get in my belly: a food chain foldable acitivity

This activity is designed for 2-4th grade students as an assessment tool for food chains. Students will create a foldable using a consumer at the top of the food chain. This activity will demonstrate students’ understanding of the flow of energy in a food chain, as well as their ability to identify different types of consumers.

3rd Grade Soil Lab

This lab is designed to help students investigate what types of soil plants grow best, and what they key elements of good soil are. Students will see the affect polluted soil has on plants, and be able to help their parents know what type of soil is best for planting at home.   Science Matters […]

How do plants “drink”

Science Matters Year _3 Project Water Transport This is a lab designed for 3rd grade students to learn about how plants move water throughout their different parts. Often students think that plants “drink” or “suck up” water, when in fact they use water’s cohesive properties to transport water throughout their parts.

Exploring the Moon Phases

Salt Water Density Straws – Steve Spangler

Plants and How They Grow

Plants and How They Grow 1st Grade- Science Matters 2013- Heather Brown and Alli Crump (1)

Brine s’pH’rimp!

Brine SpHrimp!

Water Cycle Dial

Water Cycle DialWater Cycle Dial

Play Science 1 for grade 1

This app focuses on: plants, animals, our earth, weather and sky, matter, motion and energy.

Kindergarten Plant Unit – Plant Needs and Pollination

Kindergarten Plant Unitscience_matters_kndg_plants