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Simple Machines Interactive Game
Simple Machines is an interactive science game for students in grades 2 – 6 to identify simple machines around the house, and simple machines that make up compound machines in the tool shed. A pop-up blocker may need to be disabled so that the game will operate properly.

Michael Recycle

by Ellie Bethel, illustrated by Alexandra Colombo
Written to celebrate Earth Day (April 22), Michael Recycle recounts the
adventures of a young superhero whose powers allow him to teach people
about recycling. Kids will relate to this “green caped crusader” and the idea
that one person can make a difference.

Next Generation Science Standards App

itooch elementary school app

3D Brain App

3D Brain App for iPad

Science Bob Website

This is a great website to use as a teacher resource for experiments, videos, and a store.

Balloon Rocket

Want to get students excited about movement? Use this activity as a demonstration to show students how air is released from the balloon creating a motion called thrust.

Children’s Literature: Pass the Energy Please

This book is awesome for teaching food chains and food webs. It discusses the flow of energy and gives students an example of food chains.

ipad App: Solar Walk

This a great app that allows students to explore the solar system and learn accurate information about it. It is worth the price, but is sometimes offered as a free download.

Wonderville Whether you are looking for games, activities, comics, or videos, you will find something for you! Parents, students, and teachers all bound to be intrigued by what they find when they search the site. From taxonomy to nanotechnology, from structural engineering to heavy equipment operator, kids can see how science is related to many […]