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Ultimate Dinopedia

Many students have wonders about dinosaurs. This app provides a great reference for students to learn new facts about the dinosaurs that pique their curiosity in history. This would be a wonderful opportunity to grasp those students who have hard time finding their motivation.

Science Friction


Bill Nye


Bill Nye The Science Guy (Disney)

Rocket Science


Rocket Science 101

Science 360

extreme science

Science 360- Science Inquiry activities

Science House

I-Pad App – Science House – Science experiments

Water Cycle Dial


I-Pad App – The Water Cycle

Seed Cycle

Students learn about plant growth and pollination while having fun!

Play Science 1 for grade one

Students will learn about plants, life cycles,learn about body systems, animals, and recycling using this app for the iPad.

The Elements: A Visual Exploration

The Elements: A Visual Exploration By Touch Press “Of all the periodic table apps, there is only one which Stephen Fry described as “Alone worth the price of an iPad!”. The Elements: A Visual Exploration is not just a reference app, it is a rich and engaging love story of the periodic table, told in […]