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Michael Recycle

by Ellie Bethel, illustrated by Alexandra Colombo
Written to celebrate Earth Day (April 22), Michael Recycle recounts the
adventures of a young superhero whose powers allow him to teach people
about recycling. Kids will relate to this “green caped crusader” and the idea
that one person can make a difference.

Children’s Literature: Pass the Energy Please

This book is awesome for teaching food chains and food webs. It discusses the flow of energy and gives students an example of food chains.


Xplor is a free magazine for children provided by The Missouri Department of Conversation. Subscriptions are available at The magazine is filled with colorful pictures and articles appealing to children of all ages.

Clara Caterpillar

Clara Caterpillar is a wonderful tongue-twisting book that brings a butterflies life cycle to life. Written by Pamela Duncan Edwards.

Actual Size

I use the book as a resource for my students when we work on our Animal Unit of Study. Students are able to see the actual size of many different animals that they may or may not be familiar with. This book helps to answer questions students have about animals.

My Weather Book

A great weather book to review at the end of a weather unit!


Horton Hears A Sound

Horton Hears A Sound

From Seed to Plant