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Frugoton Space Numbers


Skill Builder Spelling Family Friendly Videos

Endless Alphabet

PBS for iPad

Screen Chomp

This is an app for iPad or iPhone that turns your iPad into a white board. Scholars can record and photograph their responses for you to assess later.

Too Noisy!

Solar System App (free): interactive minds

This Solar System app is a free app that allows students to learn about the solar system in a fun interactive hands-on way. Students can compare the sizes of the planets, see how the planets orbit around the sun, and learn about the Milky Way. Students can use this app on their own to explore […]

Flipsnack Books

flipsnack is a wonderful website where you can create online classroom books for free. This would be a great end-of-unit project for students to each type a page on a certain part of the topic you have been studying and type an informational paragraph for the teacher to compile and publish. Older students can even […]