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Michael Recycle


by Ellie Bethel, illustrated by Alexandra Colombo
Written to celebrate Earth Day (April 22), Michael Recycle recounts the
adventures of a young superhero whose powers allow him to teach people
about recycling. Kids will relate to this “green caped crusader” and the idea
that one person can make a difference.

Clara Caterpillar

Clara Caterpillar is a wonderful tongue-twisting book that brings a butterflies life cycle to life. Written by Pamela Duncan Edwards.

My Weather Book


A great weather book to review at the end of a weather unit!

Berenstein Bears: Don’t Pollute (Anymore)

This is a fictional story to help students relate to the effects of pollution.

Fiction and Non-Fiction Books on Clouds

cloud duo2

If you like enjoy using children’s literature to teach scientific concepts, (for example, like the lessons in the Picture Perfect Science series) this dynamic duo is for you! Little Cloud, by Eric Carle is about a cloud that loves turning into different shapes in the sky. However, when the time comes he can accomplish his […]

Our Wonderful Weather

Our Wonderful Weather

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

hungry caterpillar

This book can be used to teach the lifecycle of a bututerfly.  After reading use various pasta to have children create the cycle a caterpillar goes through to become a butterfly.

Growing, Growing Gone- From Seed to Plant and Back Again

Growing, Growing Gone- From Seed to Plant and Back Again

How to Survive-Animal Adaptations and Migration

How to Survive- Adaptations & Migration