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“You Ate What?”

“You Ate What?”–Food Chain Lesson Plan

Comparing Mass (Properties of Matter and Energy)

Comparing Mass (Properties and Principles of Matter and Energy)

Measuring Matters

Matter is anything that has mass and takes up space. The amount of matter in an object is its mass. The weight of an object depends on the pull of gravity. An object’s mass on Earth is the same anywhere else in the universe, but an object’s weight changes if the pull of gravity on […]

Barholomew and the Oobleck


An ooey-gooey, green oobleck was not exactly what the king had in mind when he ordered something extra-special from his royal magicians.  Great for an introduction to making polymers or cornstarch-and-water “oobleck.” 

This children’s literature can be used when teaching the states of matter and talking about what is a solid, liquid and gas.